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Current systems available


Hi and good day I set up this page for one reason and one reason only to preserve games not to infringe on anyone's rights. I found over the last two years that most people neither have the time(as it takes several hours to download every rom) or money.For the people from the good USA you may not realize that in other parts of the world such as Europe phone usage is charge by the minute regardless of the call type.

I set this page up so people who once had a system they still like could play it

without racking up s monster phone bill for downloading time.Since all the stuff I get is available on the web I thought I could help in this regard.

Most of the systems here are out of production and support from there companies.

however I will remove any product if notified of copyright violation. As any violation is unintentional

the prices I charge(If any as I prefer trades) are for CD's,time,wear and tear on equipment and maintenance of

equipment and shipping(If priority shipping is chosen)

Many people have been emailing me for lists of what games are offered in some cases such as the    it would just take too much time in other cases websites have done it for mepleae check with either


Home Page

(this list is good for computers)


This database is excellent for console sytems even includes unrekeased games)

other interesting game sites






MobyGames Home



Please check thses  sources for games your seeking I have 99% of the games for the sytems listed below


current roms or disk images I need  :


Gameboy Color:





Apple II E

Eamon master disk

Tuts typer




system link
Apple IIe apple IIe  wpe9.jpg (57798 bytes)
Commodore commodore.     cgames.gif (1234 bytes)
Super Nintendo Super Nintendo         wpe4.jpg (42670 bytes)
Sega Genesis SEGA Genesis   wpe6.jpg (109317 bytes)
Nintendo gameboy gameboy prince of persia.jpg (46705 bytes)
M.A.M.E. Mame(arcade games right on your PC) FROM 1977 Pong    to  2002 Metal Slug X)

Other systems offered














Prices are to be in US dollars and only dollars will be accepted all international orders please use the supplied converter for the current exchange rate

The XE.com Universal Currency Converter


email me regarding international shipping options



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games that don't work on ME/XP DOS  is dead.
My video game commercials CD Vintage video game commercials and print ads ON DVD


EMAIL5.gif (24455 bytes)  me if you have questions



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